Cherry Blossoms

It’s that time of year in DC.

Tourists descend on the Tidal Basin, parades clog up the streets, and photographers snap photos for this year’s DC travel brochures.

If you’re a native like me, you avoid all of that.

Contrary to popular belief, there are cherry blossom trees all over the DC area and you don’t have to go to the Tidal Basin to see them.


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Why Did I Make A Blog?

Honestly, mostly for myself.  I’m not even sure if I’m going to tell anyone I have a blog yet.  To me, blogs that are just about someone’s daily life seem a bit self-centered. But that’s exactly what this blog is going to be.


I have three reasons.

1 . I need a new creative outlet.  I’ve neglected my photography for a couple years now and my writing for even longer.  I want to push myself to try new things that I can then put on this blog.

2 . For posterity’s sake.  I want to be able to look back when I’m old on what I did in my 20’s.  Plus I’m lousy at keeping a diary.

3 . Why the hell not?  Who cares if nobody reads this?  The internet is full of people shouting in a crowded room, so why not join ’em.

Who knows how long I’ll actually maintain this blog.  A week, a month, a year?  Whatever it is I’m excited to try this.