Museum Musings: National Gallery of Art

A cool canopy of trees and soft filtered light from above; it feels like the early morning cool of the jungle before the sun has risen.  Well, minus all the marble.

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Preserving Cultural Knowledge: A Day in DC

I had a whole day off last week and what did I do? Go to a presentation on the Holocaust and an exhibit on rebuilding Afghanistan… I sure know how to have fun!


Joking aside, it was a very enriching and informative day that I thoroughly enjoyed.

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National Cathedral

As some of you know, I sing with the Cathedral Choral Society which means I get to sing and perform at the Washington National Cathedral. It is a true privilege and I am so glad I joined.

Unfortunately we practice at night which means I hardly ever get to enjoy the truly spectacular stained glass windows.

Today we had a morning rehearsal to prepare for our upcoming concerts of Carmina Burana with the Washington Ballet so I spent some time afterwords looking at and taking pictures of the stunning stained glass windows.


(The War and Peace Windows)

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